Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monogamy: An Evolutionary Perspective

An overview of mating behavior in the animal kingdom and in human cultures is presented. The two best supported theories of reproductive choice are then reviewed: Promiscuity preferences are determined by parental investment in offspring; Short and long-term mating strategies are shown to be responses to survival threats during human evolution. Recent research on sexual desire among monogamous women is reviewed. The function of marriage is considered in light of the latest anthropological evidence. Finally, the rate of life-long marriage in an existing culture practicing informal marriage is noted.

This Podcast can be downloaded from the iTunes Store with iTunes. Search for "NooPod" or "Stodolsky" in the iTunes Store. Use the below method only if that doesn't work. If you need the high-resolution slide set (PDF), follow the link below.

A click on the Title will start the Podcast in your browser, but with a small image. The preferred method is to use a secondary click to download and then play the Podcast in iTunes. The correct file extension is 'm4a'. If you get an 'MP3' extension added when downloading, removing it should make the file play correctly.
The complete high-resolution slide set (PDF) is no longer linked from the first podcast slide. Find it here:


  1. Hello,
    I found my way here via another site and am very interested in listening to this podcast. Unfortunately iTunes refuses to download it. It seems the link is dead somehow.

    Is there an alternative way I can get my hands on it?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. I suggest you "Submit a concern" to the iTunes Store, so this problem will be resolved. However, you should be able to get the Podcast using the second method I mention above. That is, click on the Title of this blog entry or enter this URL in your browser location line:
    If you don't have Quicktime installed, the images will not appear, however, you can download the PDF using the link:

  3. Thank you. I managed to put the link on a page of its own and right-click-save from there. Looking forward to listening.

  4. The sound is recorded as a type of MP4 file. It can be played by VLC, etc.