Thursday, January 28, 2010

Salvation in the Space Age or How does Astrobiology get more Funding?


The concept of salvation and related ideas about the role of intelligent life in the Universe are reviewed, starting with literature from the dawn of the Space Age. We include the Anthropic Principle and the Meduso-anthropic Principle, which is based upon the theory of cosmological natural selection. Recent developments in existential psychology are presented in order to explain these historical developments and to suggest a cultural framework consistent with current knowledge. Acceptance of such a framework is expected to motivate dramatically increased funding for astrobiology and related research fields.

This Podcast can be downloaded from the iTunes Store with iTunes. Search for "NooPod" or "Stodolsky" in the iTunes Store. Use the below method only if that doesn't work. If you need the high-resolution slide set (PDF), follow the link below.

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Part 2:

The complete high-resolution slide set (PDF) is no longer linked from the podcast. Find it here:

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