Saturday, January 30, 2010

The End of the World as We Know It

Figures from an interesting article about work of Nathan Wolfe - Head of the Global Virus Forecasting Initiative.
pages 52 onwards...

CDC =  "£95m for pandemic prevention last year,"
"£120bn spent on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. "

This is a higher than 1200 to 1 ratio. 

Death from terrorist attacks, about 400/yr. 
Death from AIDS about 3.1million/yr., and say 1.8 million/yr. for TB, a million/yr. for malaria = 5.9 million, let's add .1 for the rest, so 6 million/yr. Cause of death ratio: Pandemic Disease / terrorism = 15,000.

Total ratio of funding vs. cause of death = 17 million to 1. That is, the US Gov. spends 17 million USD/yr. to prevent each death from terrorism for each USD it spends to prevent a death from pandemic disease (worldwide).

Nothing like 'self-defense' to make the US citizen safer.

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