Friday, December 4, 2015

Better Meetings with MyTurn

Better Meetings

Meetings can be notoriously difficult and unproductive
MyTurn is a meeting facilitation application that you can use to:
: stop domination of discussion by a single person (Microphone control in premium)
: stop intimidation by those not allowing people to finish their statements
: experience superior task performance and reach more favorable decisions
: ensure that people’s names are remembered

MyTurn for Mobile Phones works with most web browsers ( 
It says “My turn" for you by projecting your name to other’s phones.
Your name is displayed until you release the “My Turn” button or until your Turn Time runs out. 

If there are conflicting requests to speak, the person who has spoken the least has their name displayed. 
No information is transmitted, if your name doesn’t appear. 
The transition from speaker to speaker is protected, since the responsibility for either cutting off an over-time speaker or rejecting a pending request is shared by the group.

Our motto: Promote, Protect, Perform

Promote participation: 
Participation is balanced through application of an Equal-time Resolution Rule. 
(This is a key feature.) 

Protect the speaker: 
Inappropriate requests to speak are never revealed. 
(There are several other protective functions).

Performance of groups using the Equal-time Resolution Rule is superior. 
(This is a published experimental result.)

The MyTurn Web application is available at:
The instructions and other documentation can be found at: http://doc.MyTurn.Mobi

The beneficial results from using this program were proven in rigorously-controlled computer-administered experiments at the University of California and at Stanford University.
The research was supported in both cases by US government agencies.