Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cryonics Institute 2013 Election "fixed"

Key sentence:
The increasing secrecy and isolation of the Board from the Membership makes it likely there will be no warning of an economic collapse and/or meltdown.

As you may know, I agreed to answer questions on the CI List about my Candidacy in the run up to the 2013 Board Election (I normally do not post to censored lists at all). I stated I would only participate up to the end of the Election: I  would then post a summary of any censorship that had occurred in a message to the List. If that was not permitted, I stated I would post my Summary on my Blog:

The current President of CI, Dennis Kowalski, barred me from posting to the CI List when he assumed Office. As the 2013 Election approached, I was deleted from the List completely, so I could not even read messages. At both of these times, I was not participating in cryonics related activities at all. As it became more and more obvious that I was being discriminated against arbitrarily, a decision was made to readmit me to the List. Also, the attempt to prevent me from communicating my Platform to CI List participants had not worked, since another Member took the initiative to post my Candidate Statement to the List. 

Unfortunately, this newly discovered "fairness" was limited by setting the List to moderation of every message sent to the List. First, my messages were delayed for up to five days and finally Dennis Kowalski started blocking all messages I sent to the List. I am, therefore, terminating my attempt to post to the List at this time (actually, my last message was sent 21 August 2013 - see below). 

We have seen increasing secrecy and censorship since Dennis Kowalski took Office - not to mention outright disinformation. This year, for example, Candidate Statements were not posted to the CI website. No minutes of Board Meetings have been posted since October 1, 2012, when Dennis Kowalski took over as President. His "Cryonics Institute Member Conduct Guidelines" are in conflict with the Bylaws and are not being followed.

The Leadership is betraying the legacy left to us by our Founder. Current Board Members have not exercised due diligence in ensuring that the democratic principles enshrined in the Bylaws are followed. Some of them have even participated in the deception of the Membership necessary to continue the Coverup of abusive practices. These Practices undermine the trust necessary for the continued existence of the Institute. I urge you to run for the Board in the next Election. Without your participation, the noble experiment started by our Founder will fail and his hoped for a future life will be shown to be an illusion. The increasing secrecy and isolation of the Board from the Membership makes it likely there will be no warning of an economic collapse and/or meltdown.


PS: I am not planning to send any more emails like this, however, please let me know if they are not wanted.

David Stodolsky, PhD                   Institute for Social Informatics
Tornskadestien 2, st. th., DK-2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark
dss@socialinformatics.org          Skype/Twitter: davidstodolsky

Begin forwarded message:

From: David Stodolsky <dss@secureid.net>
Date: 21 August 2013 3:45:39 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: Future posts to this List

(The time between a question being sent to the List and its response appearing on the List can be more than five days under the current moderation scheme. For a speedy response, or to be certain you see a response at all, place my address in the Cc field: dss(at)secureid(dot)net. On the Yahoo CI Message Page, you can Reply both to the List and directly by selecting that option from the "To" drop down menu)

In his continuing campaign to promote "free and open communication among all CI Members," Dennis Kowalski is now reviewing personally every message I send to the List. The following have not appeared after 5 days:

: Debbie Fleming owes the Members an apology
: Re: [CI Members List] Candidate Statement for the 2013  Cryonics Institute Election

This makes the List useless for any kind of interactive communication. So, I will now also be posting List Messages to the Google Plus CI Communities:

This last link is to the private CI Community, which requires registration. Messages which contain text from others will be posted there. 

So, after first banning me from posting for no reason and then deleting me from the Group for no reason, he has discovered yet a new method to prevent me from communicating to Members about the abuses surrounding the 2011 Election. This is the Election that placed him on the Board. This is not surprising, in fact, it can be expected when political appointees are allowed to abuse their administrative powers.


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