Sunday, September 9, 2012

MyTurn App

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  1. MyTurn mailing list, for announcements and discussion, can be subscribed by a mail to:

    1. This looks actually quite good

  2. Getting all of the participants to join the correct group and configure their settings in place and then explaining the rules and enforcing the rules. This doesn't seem to promote team building nor the free exchange of ideas- in scenario planning the imagination is important to build momentum and enthusiasm. See more

  3. Participants would automatically be in the correct group as a result of their enrollment in the scenario building process. In other words, the signup process in the Web Alpha would be bypassed. This, of course, requires integration into pre-existing scenario building software. It is only the Equal-Time Resolution Rule that would be integrated in that Software.

    Similarly, the Rules would be explained along with other aspects of the scenario building process. The Rules are self enforcing - if people can't restrict themselves to speaking only when their name is displayed, the Software can control individual microphones.

    Frustration is reduced when the Equal-Time Resolution Rule is used. Avoiding frustration is essential, if there is to be enthusiasm. However, maintaining a proper social tone in a precise manner requires a more sophisticated rule system. Such a System would guide the group through different stages of the process, as well as maintaining an appropriate level of criticism:

    This is a short version discussing a more advanced management procedure:

    Stodolsky, D. (1988, September). Self-management of Criticism in Dialogue. Fourth European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics, Cambridge, UK: European Society for Cognitive Ergonomics.$22

    A long version, which includes equations, is:

    Stodolsky, D. (1984, December). Self-management of criticism in dialog: Dynamic regulation through automatic mediation. Paper presented at the symposium Communicating and Contracts between people in the Computerized Society, Gothenburg University, Sweden.$90

  4. Correct links to the papers are on this page: