Sunday, February 6, 2011


There is a quote from the book, “Such as a whole society of people who become so wrapped up in avoiding death, they forgot to be alive?”

The author is not familiar with terror management theory, because it would then be obvious to her that this describes all current societies.


  1. The knowledge of our mortality literally traumatizes the human mind and causes symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. We should make the conquest of aging and death our number one mental health priority.

  2. According to terror management theory, psychologically traumatizing knowledge of mortality is blocked by the social anxiety buffer. Therefore, in a well functioning society mental health problems will be manifested as mass insanity, permitting the individual to remain at ease.

  3. Not everyone is terrorized by death, there are those who welcome it coming some day and those who simply know it is coming, they wish they had more time but realize when their time comes, their time comes.

    We'd still have people with paralyzing panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts if we ended aging-I doubt that would help any as a mental health priority.

  4. According to terror management theory, the terror of death can be suppressed, but not eliminated. The myths designed to shield the individual from the fear of death can induce mental problems, because they are so outdated. These myths may also lead to events that create situations responsible for pathology, such as war. The video linked from this page gives an entertaining introduction to the Theory: